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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Diana-An award winning photographer and artist has been photographing her beloved desert for years. Her love of the desert started at an early age when her family moved to Southern Nevada in 1964. Through photography she has found a way to capture images that she would like others to experience. She loves to hike with her family, hiking is a great way to discover images that most people never see. Diana loves the Desert Southwest, it is a great place to live, work and play. Her work has received many awards and has been shown at the Valley of Fire, Red Rock and Mt. Charleston Visitors' Centers and has been featrued in traveling juried exhibitions in the Clark County Libraries. Diana is a member of the Nevada Camera Club and a member of Moapa Valley Art Guild

Nevada Camera Club First Place Images

Waimea Falls Park - O'ahu, Hawaii
"The Canopy"
Nature / Monochrome

Island of O'hau, Hawaii
"Pick Up Sticks"
Abstract / Monochrome                                  

Waimea Falls Park-O'ahu, Hawaii
"The Lilly"
Nature / Color

 North Shore of O'ahu, Hawail
"Pipeline In June"
Club Challenge- Motion

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
"Wild Hogs"
People / Color

Henderson Fire Fighter's Funeral
"One Of Our Own"  (NFS)
Documentary / Color

Southern Nevada- Pioneer Handcart Reinactment
(NFS) "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel"
Photojournalism / Monochrome

South Rim Grand Canyon
"Rain Falling On Silence"
Nature / Monochrome

Red Rock Canyon-National Conservation Area, Nevada
"First Snow"
Nature / Color

Turtle Beach - Oahu, Hawaii
"Hang Ten Dude"
Nature / Color

Spring Mountain State Park, Nevada
"Horse N' Around"
Animals and Pets / Color

"You Aren't Listening"
Nature / Color

"Keep Me Safe"
Nature / Color

"Aye Chi Wa Wa"
Animals and Pets / Color

                                                                            Springs Preserve-Las Vegas, Nevada
"Twlight Zone"
Abstract / Color

Jace Avila
"Water Boogers" (NFS)
People / Color

Alvin J. Reber IV
"Sky Eyes"(NFS)
People / Color

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  1. Mom I think this website is beautiful. I think that some of the images you downloaded don't show how truly beautiful they really are.I'm not sure if its the quality of the download or what but I think that is really the only thing i would try to figure out. You should also note what photos have received awards. Love it! Rock On!!!